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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Socks With Fairy


Not many know that corgis and fairies have a history together, but their bond goes way back. In fact, Welsh legend says that corgis, or “dwarf dogs”, were created as sly, fast pets for fairies as a means to help them get around.

These socks honor that legend of the corgi and fairies and the fairies would ride the tri-color corgis and their black backs were a perfect saddle.

These fun and light hearted ladies best-of-breed novelty socks feature designs created by Golden Horn Creations. These socks are meant to be colorful and whimsical. All socks are 90 percent cotton and 10 percent elastic. They are proudly made in the USA. The designs are woven into the socks and not silkscreened on or pressed on, so they will last. 


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