PetCo Hurricane Harvey rescue effort


We’re committing at least $2.3 Million in support to South Texas and Louisiana animal welfare organizations following Hurricane Harvey. All funds raised in the All For Saving Lives campaign in Petco stores and online through September 10 will directly support animal welfare organizations in the South Texas and Louisiana region

Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts illustrate one thing very loud and clear — people LOVE and deeply care about their animals. Person after person walking through waist high waters with animals on their shoulders; rescuers saving peoples’ pets and animal welfare personnel and volunteers working round the clock to save lives. At the Petco Foundation, we believe that our love for pets has the power to change lives, communities and even the world. So let’s do this. Help us change the lives for animals in South Texas and Louisiana today.

Below is a list organizations we’ve assisted either with supplies or grants to help with immediate needs. Some of these organizations have been affected by Harvey and some are assisting by taking in animals from other locations. This list will grow, as will the amount of support for relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts as we assess organizations needs.


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